Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Magazine loaded

Lord Bassington-Bassington has long been on the lookout for style magazines to supplement his favourite publication The Chap. Modern style mags tend to be filled with, well, modern clothes, and let's not even get into the pointless interviews with random celebrities.

But lo and behold, help comes from Germany, and His Lordship has found a new magazine to paw through. The Heritage Times is an excellent German-language magazine which has also launched an English edition. And a revelation it is. Why don't all lifestyle magazines feature Lederhosen?

The latest issue has a lot of good stuff for the subculturally interested (such as a pretty solid piece on skinheads). But what really takes the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is a this most neofolky fashion shoot.

Copyright laws probably prohibit us here at the Chronicles from stealing the whole thing, but Lord Bassington-Bassington found it imperative to share this fabulous photo, which His Lordship likes to call "Darkwood in tandem with Sturmpercht".

Which, come to think of it, sounds like a great double bill, if it wasn't a bit impossible now that lead Percht Max has deserted neofolk for new adventures in Afro-funk. Which makes the skin tone of the  model on the back of the bike even more appropriate.

So if you're looking for Lord Bassington-Bassington, he will be curled up on the sofa engrossed in The Heritage Post, to a soundtrack of… well, you guessed it!

Time to order some more issues of The Heritage Post soon. And perhaps some Afro-funk.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

First release

So Lord Bassington-Bassington's life revolves (hah!) around records these days. Here is Café Grössenwahn Grammophon's first release, just arrived from the printers.

More information to follow, stay tuned!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Recording Inspiration

So now that Lord Bassington-Bassington is one of the proprietors of a recording label it shouldn't surprise anyone that His Lordship takes some outfit inspiration from records...

Vinyls by Solblot. Tweeds by Walker Slater.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Left Paw Path

"The Key of Joy is disobedience"

(Aleister Crowley)

"Hey, I'll use that as a fancy excuse for not bothering to pair my socks properly!"

(Lord Bassington-Bassington, not aka The Great Basset 666)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The (re)birth of a Record Label

"Café Grössenwahn" – "Café Megalomania". Such was the nickname of several cafés in Central Europe at the end of the 1800s. Here they would sit, the demagogues, dreamers and drunkards who would leave their mark on the coming century.

These cafés in turn gave name to a music club in Oslo, Norway, where a select invitation-only door policy, strict dresscode and artists such as Tony Wakeford, Spiritual Front, Solblot and The Green Man created a suitably megalomanic atmosphere. The absinthe fountain helped a bit too...

Which leads us to Café Grössenwahn Grammophon, created as a living monument – or perhaps a folly – to the club we loved. We aim to bring together some of our favourite artists both in music and the pictorial arts.

Our first release will be an extended play record entitled "Ghostly Whistlings". It is a tribute to the greatest ghost story writer of all, Montague Rhodes James. Four bands: Sol Invictus, Solblot, Sonne Hagal and Of the Wand and the Moon each deliver their interpretation of an M.R. James story set in their own country.

Cover art is by Swedish artist Fredrik Söderberg, and sleeve design is by Trine og Kim Design Studio. A small peek at the work can be seen above (Trine og Kim also created the Café Grössenwahn "absinthe grail" logo).

The record will be a strictly limited (250 copies) 10 inch record in art-edition gatefold cover.

More information will be forthcoming soon. A web page is being (re)built and a release event is planned for late January. In the meanwhile, feel free to follow the proceedings on Facebook.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The soundtrack for summer

We here at the Chronicles have tried to get a coherent comment from Lord Bassington-Bassington on the new Jännerwein album. But so far to no avail, as his lordship just plays the record over and over while running in rings, barking and howling and saying things that sounds like "the pop-neofolk album I've been waiting for all these years" and "my Dog, all the songs are in German and it's so awesome" and suchlike.

So while we've given up on getting any serious response from the droopy-eared one, you can check out the album for yourself here. Or just do what Lord Bassington-Bassington did, buy the CD after hearing just two songs. There's rumours of an upcoming ultra-limited vinyl version in the fall, which his lordship really hopes to get his paws on.

We have a strong suspicion that this will be the soundtrack for summer here at Bassington Manor.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The perfect basset-cessory

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that Lord Bassington-Bassington likes to accessorize, whether we're talking about bow ties or, well, more eccentric accoutrements.

A nice thing to liven up an otherwise down-to-earth outfit is the thing known in modern parlance as bling, which His Lordship is also quite fond of. Indeed, he could even be accused of joining clubs to get even more such accessories.

So imagine the droopy-eared's delight when he received this generous gift from in-laws, a lovely hand-crafted pin that is a perfect depiction of the above young lady, the lovely Balbina – award-winning member of the extended Mju clan.

The silver pin is indeed the perfect accessory, and gives even the sturdiest Harris tweed a touch of velvety basset-eariness. But it works particularly well with Lord Bassington-Bassington's recently acquired summer tweed jacket.

This might well lead to some outrageous style experiments, because His Lordship finally has a tweed jacket that can be worn with shorts. A bit over the top, perhaps, but hey – it's all about basset pride, saying it loud, being tricolor and proud and all that.

As one says in India, as important as having a good spouse is to get good in-laws. And we can safely say that Lord Bassington-Bassington is lucky enough to be very well off on both regards.