Friday, 1 May 2009

Solanaceae: Summery melancholy

The self-titled debut album by Solanaceae, the new project by Kim Larsen of Of the Wand and the Moon, has arrived here at Bassington Manor. But so has the first really hot day of the year, which has resulted in a major bout of laziness. Being a rather large canine, Lord Bassington-Bassington does not deal well with heat.

So instead of dictating something substantial about this little gem of a record to his trusty secretary, His Lordship is content to direct reader of The Chronicles to the first review of the record that has been published, at the intriguing little Swedish web publication The Shadows Commence. Less work for His Lordship, more traffic for these excellent Swedes. Everybody wins!

Lord Bassington-Bassington suspects that the softly sung and spoken sounds of Solanaceae will form a large part of his soundtrack to the coming summer, and from Bassington Manor's most comfortable couch His Lordship gives Solanaceae a big ”two forepaws up!”

1 comment:

  1. Åh, se. Tack för omnämningen! Det är mig en ära.