Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Neofolk lookbook: Mr. Bell of Birmingham

Lord Bassington-Bassington first saw Rupert Bell at a Sol Invictus concert in London.

While there's usually a few interesting-looking people at neofolk concerts, and top hats aren't that uncommon (neofolk tends to attract a certain gothic element), but it's rare to see people wearing top hats and have the full Victorian evening kit to go with it. So Mr. Bell, whom His Lordship had no idea who was at the time, struck quite a figure.

Later, while snooping around the miraculous Webatron, Lord Bassington-Bassington ran across Mr. Bell there and was immediately impressed by his self-presentation. It's Mr. Bell's fault that Lord Bassington-Bassington has joined the New Sheridan Club and, in fact, a few of the pictures below are from the outings of this most exclusive (Lord Bassington-Bassington had to fork out five pounds to join!) club.

Not only that, His Lordship was so impressed with Mr. Bell's wardrobe that he felt it was time for another neofolk lookbook.

So, dear readers of the Chronicles: Look, learn, and imitate. This is how you dress for a walk in the park or night at the club.

And if you're in the general Birmingham-y or England-y, area, or anyhere really, consider attending Mr. Bell's upcoming burlesque event, Dawn of the Black Hearts. Sadly, Lord Bassington-Bassington is stuck somewhere entirely different then.

While there is undoubtedly much to be learned from Mr. Bell, the picture below clearly ilustrated how even the most perfect gentleman's figure might be ruined if one does not behave like a gentleman.

Manners, Mr. Bell! Manners!


  1. A little more victorian. Me like!

  2. I'm especially impressed with Mr. Bell's sense of colour coordination. The red cravat and yellow pocket hankie with the fawn/green covert coat was a fetching combination.

  3. Apart from the rather crude behaviour demonstrated on the last photograph, this was quite uplifting to look at.

    It makes me think that there might be some hope for the future of men's fashion and style.

  4. Precisely! No matter how much I love T-shirts with the slogan "Spengler hatte recht!", good old Oswald was wrong. There is still hope!

  5. I liked the variety of looks.

    Could you present us with a specimen of a female neofolk lookbook?

  6. Don Bota and I were actually discussing that possibility earlier today.

    Are you volunteering?

  7. But how can we possibly match a wardrobe like that? Links to decent tailors or retailers would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Where on earth can I obtain one of these Spengler-t-shirts! I believe I require one for my mental health!

  9. Viktor: I've asked Mr. Bell to enlighten us. Hopefully he will.

    My good Mullah, I've seen these shirts a few years back, but can't seem to find them anymore. I'll try to ask around.

  10. Firtly allow me to spologise for that last picture! I cannot even remember that one! So indeed I may have been a tad er worse for wear! I use a tailor in Birmingham called Callaghans (Mr C.Callagahan is a rather splendid fellow!) where i have been fortunate enoguh to have several items made for my wardrobe!
    Otherwise a lot of my attire comes from various establishments on Jermyn Street or good old second hand/vintage attire shops. The other good place for variuos bits and pieces such as detachable collars and other gentlemanly attire accesories is

    Hope this will be of some assistance to you!

    Rupert Bell

  11. Dear Mr. Bell: Thanks for contributing that information!

    As you can see, you've certainly been quite an inspiration on the readers of this blog already.

  12. O dear, I think I lost my comment...

    Well, this gentleman is certainly an inspiration and worthy of a post! Those blazers and boater hats belong in a Renoir painting! Astounding!

    Was recently appreciating Daniel Day Lewis in "A Room with a View" recently:

    And though this image is from the 1930s, I think my grandfather was incredibly handsome: