Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cryptozoology begins at home...

...or at least on the pavement outside it.

As Jorge Luis Borges once wrote, gentlemen are only attracted to lost causes. And few causes are more lost, and therefore more suited for gentlemen, than Cryptozoology.

Furthermore, few causes are more entertaining. Who can resist pictures so grainy that the purported sea monster might as well be a log? Or jumpy films of “sasquatches” that look suspiciously like men in gorilla costumes? Well, certainly not Lord Bassington-Bassington!

There is nothing wrong with His Lordship’s curiosity (after all, Bassets are basically a nose on legs), but being of the homely type, he lacks the drive to go out into jungles and deep lakes and look for dinosaur survivals or Nessie. That doesn’t mean he isn’t interested, just that he prefers to explore the world from the safety of the sofa here at Bassington Manor.

So imagine Lord Bassington-Bassington's delight when, on one of his morning walkies, he found this on the pavement right outside the aforementioned Manor.

His Lordship is absolutely convinced that this severed limb is a part of a mythical, lost crypto-beast of some sort, and will keep referring to this photograph as proof that any story of outrageous monsters should be taken seriously.

Still, His Lordship doesn't quite feel ready to become a full-time monster hunter just yet. He'll leave that business to the professionals. Such as the people that produce completely factual TV documentaries such as this.

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