Friday, 1 April 2011

Draconian ties

Madder rose is a dye made from the plant Rubia tinctorum (pictured above), and has a rich tradition of providing colour to clothes. It now seems to be making a comeback in menswear, with several gentlemen’s outfitters offering outstandingly beautiful items. But the finest examples of madder-coloured accessories seem to come from Drakes of London.

This particular bow tie is perhaps the most beautiful Lord Bassington-Bassington has ever seen.

While this tie is not far behind.

As is clearly demonstrated by the pictures above, the madder dye seems to work especially well with red colours and paisley patterns, one of the greatest gifts the Orient ever gave the Occident.

And speaking of the Orient and the colour red: As a long-standing admirer of the culture of the Indian subcontinent Lord Bassington-Bassington almost fainted when his lordship laid eyes on this scarf. It is based on an old design retrieved from Drakes' archives and is a tribute to the arts of one of the most interesting civilizations India has ever played host to, namely that of the Islamic Mughal empire.

It even has canines!

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