Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bow tie 2.0

Lord Bassington Bassington has a deep appreciation for the bow tie. Perhaps it has something to do with its similarity to one of His Lordship's favourite foodstuffs?

Having mastered (in a fashion, at least) the art of tying the bow, His Lordship felt the need to "take it to the next level", as it’s called in hip-hop parlance. And it was obvious what this ”next level# was going to be: The diamond tip bow tie. The Wizzard of Woof, which has some credit (or blame) for making His Lordship interested in bow ties to begin with, tried to warn him. The name of these bows sounds a bit like a snake, and they’re almost as tricky to handle.

In choosing his first diamond tip Lord Bassington-Bassington went for British outfitter Peckham Rye, who carry a fine selection of men's accessories. Both price, service and quality of the merchandise was impeccable.

Plainly put, learning to tie a diamond tip is like having to learn to tie a bow all over again: Intensely frustrating, but also a lot of fun.

Oh, and since today is Wednesday, Lord Bassington-Bassington couldn't help but discuss the idea launched by the good Swedes over at the Drones Club that Wednesday be bow tie day. In a fit of rebelliousness, Lord Bassington-Bassington barks out a hearty howl of defiance, perhaps brought on by his newfound interest in gangsterism. Simply put, His Lordship insists that he will "rock" the bow tie whenever he damn well pleases.


  1. Hey there Mr Bassington Bassington,, I'm not sure I'm the only one with this technical problem. But whenever I go on your page the parchment background docent appear behind the text (with makes it very difficult to read since the text in on a brown background now). Just wanted to let you know, in case others have the same problem!

  2. Yes, I know, there's something fishy going on. There hasn't been much done on this blog lately, my secretary says something about a "deadline" at "the office", but I'm not quite sure what he's getting at (it's probably one of his poor excuses). I will get him to fix the problem once he has his hands free again.