Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cash from ZOAS

It's a always nice when one's friends start some sort of exciting project. And when it is in a field dear to the heart of Lord Bassington-Bassington, such as small press publishing, it is especially thrilling.

So His Lordship would like to help, in whatever small way, promote the new publishing venture of his dear friends that he just likes to refer to as the Somersetians.

(Austin Osman Spare)

Based in England (but recently moved away from Somerset), ZOAS Press specializes in Polish-language editions of rare, esoteric books. So far, ZOAS has produced one title by artist Austin Osman Spare, a towering figure in modern magic(k) and occulture, and one by the considerably more obscure occult poet Boleslaw Wójcicki. The books are truly amazing to behold, real works of art and passion.

If you can read Polish, or if you area collector of the esoteric or just appreciate beautiful books, you owe it to yourself to cruise by their website.


  1. Very nice. I have everything from Zoas Press, but in standard relased.

  2. Only Polish language in my blog, but You can support me, i'm a freshman :)