Sunday, 27 October 2013

Altarior motives

Peter Horneland is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo. Mr. Horneland is not only talented, but also sports an impressive moustache - something that rarely fails to win extra points here at the Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicles. The young artist has already created several intriguing artworks, but Lord Bassington-Bassington was particularly taken with his cycle Altarspace, which explores the sacred and sacrificial.

The altars of Mr. Horneland reminds Lord Bassington-Bassington of the ritual works of Halo Manash in that they seemingly belong to all, and none, religious traditions and esoteric currents. And His Lordship suspects that the young man might win a prominent place in that subcurrent of Scandinavian artists working in the weird and esoteric, such as Karen Nikgol, Fredrik Söderberg and Johannes Høie.

Surely there is some sort of sinister influence at work up here in the far North.


  1. Love the atmospheres in these pictures. Very nice.

  2. He's not only very talented, but a lovely chap as well. And did I mention his whiskers?