Monday, 24 February 2014

Tattoo shoe

Lord Bassington-Bassington has always had an ambivalent relationships with tattoos. In his early youth, when books such as Modern Primitives inspired people around him to do scary things with their bodies, His Lordship decided that this wasn't for him. It didn't improve his relationship with body modification culture that he at some point became convinced that Odin wanted him to not have tattoos (well, it's a long story...)

In later years Lord Bassington-Bassington has come to realize that tattooists can produce some beautiful work – even basset-related! By Jove, His Lordship has even considered getting some ink himself.

At the moment, though, it seems like Lord Bassington-Bassington's natural contrarianism will lead him to remain one of the very few in his circles with an unadorned body, but that doesn't mean that His Lordship doesn't want to enjoy tattoos. And when tattoos can be combined with the long-eared one's somewhat obsessive relationship with Jeffery West footwear, it's a surefire hit.

On Lord Bassington-Bassington's recent visit to London, the Jeffery West shop in Piccadilly Arcade (also known as "His Lordship's magnetic north pole") had one of their special services on offer. So a pair of quite charming Chelsea boots were purchased.

Tattoo artist Aasen Stephenson ready to swing the needle.

The finished result.

Remind you of anyone...?

Happy basset, by the amazing Tini Malitius.

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