Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Luciferian Women's Day

Since Lord Bassington-Bassington's friends the Somersetians asked us to translate this promotional text for the Heretical Cellar, so they could share it at their ZOAS Press website, so why not post it here as well.

Saturday, March 7th
The Heretical Cellar presents
Those damned women: Lucifer as feminist icon

For many Norwegians, occultism is associated with über-macho black metal. That makes it easy to forget that several of the trailblazing occultists also were pioneering feminsts. The mother of Western occultism, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founded her own religious movement at a time when a woman's place was by the kitchen counter, and the rebel angel Lucifer inspired women to demand their rights.

The Heretical Cellar invites you to an early start to the International Women's day. Join us for a trip through esoterical and decadent environments to meet prophets in skirts, lesbian Luciferians, Dagny Juel and the actress Sarah Bernhardt.

As a guide we've invited Per Faxneld, associate professor at the University of Stockholm, where he has defended a doctorate thesis entitled "Satanic Feminism: Lucifer as the Liberator of Woman in Nineteenth Century Culture".

Faxneld is as good a public speaker as he is a rock-solid academic, so this is something we're really looking forward to.

Faxneld's thesis is also published in book form (Molin & Sorgenfrei forlag) and will be available for sale this evening.

As usual there's food, drink, music and darkness at Katedralen in Parkveien 13 (it's a bit into a side street). The party will cost you 70 kroner, and you must be 18 years to enter. We open our doors at 19:00 hours and continue into the Women's day itself.

Welcome to an evening dedicated to feminism and Lucifer!

The event on Facebook.

And we couldn't resist linking to this write-up of Dr. Faxneld's book.


  1. If you are civilised enough to understand Swedish, you should check out this long and informed review of Faxneld's doctoral dissertation.

  2. Thanks, mysterious stranger! I am quite fond of Swedish, and will most certainly read this once my cold has abated. Right now I'm afraid my brain is more suited to zombie marathons.