Friday, 2 January 2009

The design of dreams

A man who has had a considerable influence on Lord Bassington-Bassington’s tastes in recent months goes by the name of Viktor Kvant.

Mr. Kvant is a man of many talents. He is the drummer in the Swedish band Solblot, a band whose musical merits and interesting philosophies will no doubt be discussed in these Chronicles at a later date. In this context, however, it should suffice to say that Solblot is a band generous enough to travel from Malmö to Sweden by bus (eight hours each way) to play – for free – at His Lordship’s stag party, an event that was combined with his betrothed Lady’s hen party. It is hard to put into words how wonderful such people are.

When he is not wearing 1930s style clothes and playing alongside Swedish lads in folk costumes, Mr. Kvant is a graphic designer. If one can call his creations “designs”, that is. Examples of his works can be sampled at his website Dreamhours, as well as his MySpace profile, and they are stunning indeed. Mr. Kvant weaves a world where dreams and reality intersect, all in a sepia-tinted, twilit past that never existed apart from the dreams of people like Mr. Kvant.

One of the most motifs that really endeared Mr. Kvant to our hearts is the motif he created for Lord Bassington-Bassington’s lecture about author H.P. Lovecraft, a personage who will no doubt be eulogised more in these Chronicles as they progress. Asked to create a picture to be used for a poster promoting the event at the Heretical Cellar, the designer created something so wonderful that it has a strong impact on the lecture itself.

And as His Lordship is currently in the process of furnishing his study here at Bassington Manor, and busy trying to buy furniture that match both his tastes and modest budget, he finds himself constantly referring to Mr. Kvants Dreamhours for guidance when trying to match carpets, curtains and tapestr. So in addition to musician and artist, perhaps Mr. Kvant can add “interior designer” to his list of credentials.


  1. Viktor's work is beautiful and haunting, he's the kind of guy I'd want to do the cover for one of my steampunk books. One of these days.

    I didn't find any information on where one could buy prints of his work - do you know?

  2. Viktor does freelance design work, so you should definitely get in touch with him. He can probably sell you prints of his work too. I know that his Lovecraft poster will be properly framed and have pride of place in my study.

  3. I will. Currently we underpay our artists... but one these days, I'd love to get decent people decent paying projects ;-P

    I'll have a word with him about a print of his Yellow King when I get the chance.