Friday, 26 August 2011

Neofolk lookbook: Engagement edition

Hans Rosenberg is a Swedish gentleman who has, through his publishing activities, already made an appearance in the Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicles. But when word reached Lord Bassington-Bassington that this friend had gotten engaged, His Lordship decided that the time was severely overdue for a new neofolk lookbook. For not only is Mr. Rosenberg an all-round superb character, he is also one of Sweden’s snappiest dressers. And as this little lookbook will show, his bride to be is in the same class.

Uniforms look best when one is actually entitled to wear them. And as Mr. Rosenberg is a Home Guard officer, his position certainly carries this privilege.

On the other hand, if one is a charming lady, uniform etiquette is less important.

And while a professing Christian, Mr. Rosenberg – being a sensible fellow – has of course realized that the followers of the Prophet Muhammad has the upper hand when it comes to headgear.

And as with many people interested in neofolk, one can suspect that the couple have seen a Laibach video too many.

Well, there's little more for Lord Bassington-Bassington to say, except to howl a heartfelt congratulation.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! And such lovely people!

  2. They are even more charming than they look, which is hard to pull off. Execellent houseguests, too.