Sunday, 10 February 2013

A solemn promise

Let's face it, Lord Bassington-Bassington tends to be a bit aquisitive. It's all part of being a Basset hound, a breed that, after all, was created to track down interesting things. So it is tempting to see His Lordship's passion for vinyl as part of his canine nature.

But when Lord Bassington-Bassington realized, mid-January, that he had spent 200 Euros on records since New Year's, and on records by Sturmpercht alone, some measures had to be taken. So in an attempt to go "cold turkey", His Lordship made the solemn promise to not spend more money on records for a while. And it did indeed last for a while. A short while anyway. Try a week or two.

For on a trip to the Italian capital, where Lord Bassington-Bassington's beloved Mullah was based while working on his upcoming book about political extremism, His Lordship couldn't resist purchasing some musical souvenirs from Rome's many fine record shops. But that was an exception, and the promise has now been renewed.

So, ladies, gentlemen, here are the last records His Lordship will purchase until Easter. Cross heart, hope to die etc.

Luckily Easter comes early this year...


  1. Very nice souvenirs! It's too bad ZZA don't make vinyls... I am just comming back from Vienna where I wasn't able to find this kind of souvenirs, not even a Der Blutharsch!

  2. Records make the best souvenirs, at least that's my opinion. But from Vienna I guess some Mozartkugeln would be even better...

  3. Haha! On the other hand I found there a great sartorial store called "Loden Plankl", where I wanted to buy everything!

  4. "Yumping yimminy!", to quote a modern iconoclast.

    I would also have problems leaving that store without spending a lot of money.