Thursday, 4 July 2013

Germanic bear search

When a good friend of Lord Bassington-Bassington visited Norway recently, he brought with him a small selection of Alpine leather accoutrements which (sadly) didn't fit His Lordship. So in the spirit of generosity, Lord Bassington-Bassington decided to hold a Great Germanic Bear Search for some of his friends.

The concept was simple: A bit like the fairytale about Cinderella, but with fewer petite feet and glass slippers, and more hairy bellies and leather.

The guys get ready, trying on which leather pieces fit (all pictures courtesy of The Cub Scout).

Mr. Huseby tries to look extra Germanic by posing in front of a Bavarian flag. A Blutharsch beer stein helps too.

Frater Zog tries the same maneuver, but goes even further. But to little avail.

For it was easy to see that Superfritz would be the winner of the Germanic Bear Search. Hardly surprising, what with him being a demigod and all.

The two runner-ups try to score some extra points by flirting with the camera and showing a bit of leg.

At this point, the "bear" theme of the evening got a little overtaken by the "beer" theme. There was also a bit of cuddly Kameradschaft with a certain Mullah who isn't exactly known for his adversity to strong drink.

For as the good Mullah said in a recent fatwa: "Many Sufi poets compare wine with love and love with God. And if it is so, there can be no sin in letting God flow through you. Even if it might be a bit inappropriate for the stream to end in the toilet. But as the Christian tradition teaches us, God moves in mysterious ways".

And later in the evening, the bears walked happily off to see Blood Axis play.

The end.



  1. You surely know how to have fun!
    And how was the Blood Axis show?

  2. I am glad you approve! I am aware that this post might possibly represent the low point in the history of the Chronicles. Or peak moment. I'm not sure which.

    The show was extremely enjoyable. And the mood set at our pre-party continued a bit into the night.

  3. Always nice to meet old friends again.

    And the concert was just great. Terje, Andrew & Co. and Blood Axis.

  4. And do bring Pedro the Boyscout again. A most pleasant company.