Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Racial supremacy

This film makes Lord Bassington-Bassington wonder if someone has found some old notes from His Lordship's forebear, Hans B.K. Günther – the slightly demented gentleman better known as "Bassen-Günther." In fact, the only thing separating this film from the late Hound's bizarre ramblings are the lack of mumblings about the international Beagle conspiracy.

But then, there are films such as this. Which show pure poetry in motion.

This clinches it! "Bassen-Günther" was right! Basset Hounds are the master race.

Bassetocracy now!


  1. I reject your accusations, sir. Some of my best friends are felines. As long as they know their place.

  2. "Some of my best friends are felines" - the slogan of the canine supremacist!

  3. These attempts to portray my love of caninekind as a form of animosity against felines are shameful. I'm pro-canine, not anti-feline! 100 percent basset, 0 percent speciesism!

    I suspect you are in employ of International Beagle-ism.

  4. We are wise to your canine ways, masking your anti-feline sentiments behind a professed love of your own kind! I'll report you to Meow not Bark!

  5. "Anti-spiecesist" is a code word for "anti-canine".