Friday, 12 February 2010


In a time when music is sold in cheap and gaudy jewelcases or terribly-sounding MP3, it's fun to follow artists that try to put some effort into presenting their music. For a beautifully presented record can provide an extra dimension to the experience of music, much in the same way that good popcorn can make a movie more enjoyable.

Neofolk labels and artist have always been good at producing “cult objects”, but one wonders if the boxed version of Sturmpercht’s new release, Schattenlieder, don’t set a new benchmark even in this genre.

The idea is to use the musical instruments to record a cover of one of Sturmpercht's songs, which will then be released in a compilation. Lord Bassington-Bassington is working on how to carry out this project, as he - apart from howling - has little aptitude for making music.

(Thanks to Lady Mju for the pictures).


  1. Wow! What a thoughtful project they are encouraging. Intamacy between the artist and fan has long been overlooked by most music makers.

    Good luck with making some music!


    - A humble observer

  2. intimacy***

    My goodness I've been up for far too long!

    - A.H.O.

  3. Yes, that's another thing I appreciate about neofolk: It's a small scene where you can contribute yourself. As someone who was infected with a DIY attitude early on, I really like that. So this blog, and organising concerts etc. is my way of giving something back to musicians that enrich my life.

  4. Great Schattenboxen!
    still waiting for this box, :(

    best regards from Madrid,

  5. Well, if you're interested in neofolk, you know that patience is a necessary virtue when you're waiting for new releases.

    But as my mother says, waiting for a joy is also a joy.

  6. My dear Lord Bassington-Bassington,
    I can inform you that I have lately - inspired by Howling bassets on YouTube - discovered the joy of howling! This also appears when I protect mum from the dreadful vacuum cleaner monster, but then it's more of a frantic Wagner touch in my voice.

    Gustav Beowulf of Lulubelle

  7. My dear Gustav Beowulf, that is splendid news! A frantic Wagner touch is always a good thing when singing. Perhaps you could be a guest vocalist?

    And I'm sure your mum appreciates you protecting her from the dreadful vacuum cleaner monster.

  8. Mind you, I am a gentleman!

    Gustav Beowulf

  9. Of that, I have no doubt!

    By the way, we'll be publishing the pictures from last weekend's rendezvous this coming Wednesday. You sure know how to carry off the droopy-ear look.