Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sonne Hagal

We've been a bit lazy with our musical updates here at the Chronicles, but thought we'd tip our readers off that Sonne Hagal have recently released some very desirable pieces of vinyl. One of these is a re-release of their album Jordansfrost, in a very stylish sleeve. The album is a very solid neofolk release, with a gallery of guests ranging from Of the Wand and the Moon, Darkwood, Lux Interna and In Gowan Ring - just to mention a few names.

Of course, Sonne Hagal are no strangers to stylish reissues.

The other piece of vinyl is the new seven inch single "Läuthner", a snappy little number in a beautiful little gatefold cover.

Both records have provided Lord Bassington-Bassington with a lot of pleasure.

(We bought both from Mr. Pockrandt in Germany, and suggest you patronise his emporium).

Oh, and here's one of the songs from Jordansfrost.

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