Friday, 21 May 2010

Playlist, Café Grössenwahn

A few weeks ago, we here from Bassington Manor did our best to entertain the elegant ladies and gentlemen at Café Grössenwahn by spinning some tunes for them. In case you are interested, here is what was spun. DJ Baetylos handled the first part of the evening.

Since everyone knows that MP3s are soooo 2010, we’re happy to announce that half of these tracks were played from real, old-fashioned (is there any other fashion?) vinyl.

Derniere Volonte: "Toujours" (7 inch version)
Sol Invictus: "Among the Ruins"
Cult of Youth: "Train to Kill"
Klammheim: "Heimat"
Joy of Life & Apoptose: "Violet Creed"
TriORE: "Europa’s Dream"
Spiritual Front: "No Kisses on the Mouth" (Nihilist EP version)
Down in June: "The Enemy Within"
Ronny: "Blue Cabaret"
Ostara: "The First Day of Summer"
Sonne Hagal: "Midsummernight"
The Green Man: "Liber Al"
Die Weisse Rose: "Nicht Schuldig"
Current 93: "They Return to Their Earth"
Sturmpercht: "Der Tanz des Tatzelwurms"
Death in June: "Unconditional Armistice"
This Immortal Coil: "Ostia"
Hawthorn: "Wormwood Season"
Of the Wand and the Moon: "Hail Hail Hail" (Bollywood mix)
Dead Can Dance: The Carnival is Over

(That young rascal, Winthrope Bassington-Bassington, spinning some Danish industrial vinyl.)


  1. And those of us who are "just sooooo 2010" can try to find this on Spotify. A little German appreciates new music recommendations.

  2. MP3 are practical, don't get me wrong. However, I doubt you'll find much of this stuff on Spotify.