Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bow to the Basset

No, it's not another rallying cry for the New Hound Order. It's just a plug for one of Lord Bassington-Bassington's small eBay finds.

His Lordship tries to not fill Bassington Manor with trinkets like this. While normally not one to appreciate discrimination on the basis of sexual preferences, Lord Bassington-Bassington does think that, as a general principle, heterosexual males should not do interior decoration.

There are surely men whose taste qualify for exemption from this rule. But with Lord Bassington-Bassington's appreciation of aesthetic eccentricity, his interior ideas tend to turn out as mild disasters. Including His Lordship's insistence that a home can be furnished exclusively with books and records. A lot of fun, but a bit impractical come bedtime.

But who could resist this adorably bow-tied, long-eared little hound? Now it has been given a good home, guarding the small Basset hound section of Bassington Manor's library. And yes, there are a few strange titles on the shelves here.

And anyway, it is not a coincidence that this post is published on a Wednesday. Perhaps Lord Bassington-Bassington is less of a rebel than he would fancy. After all, hounds are pack animals.

Oh, and by the way, here's one of His Lordship's favourite Basset titles. Reading it at bedtime (or any other time...) guarantees a good snooze. That it was a gift from the good Lord's better three-quarters just adds to the coziness.

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