Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Final mission

Among Lord Bassington-Bassington's many sartorial sins is His Lordship's habit of keeping shirts a bit after they should probably have been discarded. But as the reason is love, perhaps the sin can be forgiven. Allow us to elaborate.

Lord Bassington-Bassingtons tends to acquire quality clothes, after taking a lot of care (well, a lot of procrastination, deliberation and changing of minds anyway) in selecting them. This means that the piece of clothing is not only something very appealing to His Lordship, but that they last for a long time and he grows terribly fond of them. So it is with His Lordship's shirts, too.

Worn cotton takes on a charm of its own, and if a shirt starts looking a bit under the weather, a little love and a lot of steam can set things right. Those of you who have ever taken an iron to an old piqué shirt (His Lordship has Fred Perry shirts that are practically ancient) knows what we're talking about.

The problems start to arise when His Lordship refuses to admit that even the most beloved of shirts cannot live forever, and is reluctant to part with them even when the wear really starts to show. Surely one doesn't give up on an old friend just because they grow a bit wrinkled?

But there has to be a limit. This button-down number for Hackett has provided loyal service for a number of years, and will be taken out on a final spin soon. And after that, it's time for this faithful piece of fabric to be laid to rest. Except perhaps it will be reincarnated as a shoeshine cloth.

Shirt by Hackett.
Knitted tie by Hilditch & Key, a gift from Lord Bassington-Bassington's father in law.
Hanger found in a street market, a memento from the Free State of Danzig.

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