Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Motivational studies

Now and then, Lord Bassington-Bassington likes to commission artworks. Not just because, in this age of mass production, it's nice to have something a bit unique, but also because it's good to support up-and-coming artists. As Lord Bassington-Bassington has reconciled himself to the fact that he will never be rich, he finds it comforting to know that at least some future bigshot artists will (paws crossed!) look at His Lordship with a certain fondness, and perhaps treat an aging and destitute hound to a bowl of soup.

And as with the last time His Lordship commissioned something, we thought it would be interesting to give the readers of the Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicles an insight into the creative process. Though perhaps this time there won't be bloodshed...

These are a few sketches for a motif that might end up being a T-shirt design, a patch for His Lordship’s slightly modsy parka, or perhaps even a tattoo. For, as the readers of the Chronicles should know by now, there's only one thing that's really worth tattooing.

The artwork is by American comics maestro Josh Latta, who we’ll be covering more in-depth in the future.

The idea for this motif is to take that most classic skinhead theme of all, the bulldog and British flag, but turn it into something a bit more long-eared and Norwegian.

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  1. Not bad for a tattoo. The problem with tattoos is the designs don't always age very well, since it's often done in the latest design trend. But since the illustrator you chose has a retro comic style of drawing, I guess in 20 years from now it wouldn't be out of style.