Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vinyl wisdom

“You know you’re dealing with a proper Industrial record when, after playing it a half-dozen times, and liking it a lot, you’re still not quite sure what the correct playing speed is.”

Attempts at a witty remark by Lord Bassington-Bassington.
Music by Reserva Espiritual De Occidente.
Seven inch on beautiful red vinyl by Extremocidente.


  1. I have one such copy myself, although I have the clear edition! Wonderful record, waiting for more songs to be released!

  2. I have to confess that I have both the red and clear editions. Yes, I know I am hopeless...

  3. Bastard! I'd like to have both versions, but it's pretty expensive for a 7'', but I'm glad I have at least the special edition!

  4. Yes, that Extremocidente label has a rather nasty way of making one addicted to its editions.

    But I am definitely NOT a bastard. The Bassington-Bassingtons are purebreds, even if some of my relatives took that a bit far...

  5. Herr Bassington-Bassington, have you ordered your copy of "La Noche Blanca"? I managed to order the ultra special edition :-D

  6. No, I didn't even know about this. But then I have been even lazier than usual when it comes to keeping up with new releases.