Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A small Summerisle memento

This is the sort of memento one can end up with when looking after an Italian band with a penchant for the film The Wicker Man and a certain Superfritz reserves a table at one of Oslo's most pleasant eateries.

Sometimes, life truly feels a little magical.

And we couldn't resist sharing this little picture of two esotericists enjoying the ultimate earthly pleasure, namely a flaming volcano drink at Oslo's rather decent Tiki bar.


  1. You let Italians into Norway? It's the beginning of the end....

  2. in our defense, we shipped them right back to Dago-land the moment they'd done their job. Which they did rather well, I must admit. I guess these Mediterranean types aren't all bad.

  3. 1. They came voluntarily. (V) - They would have played for free
    2. They represent the king (V) - They were way above us common guests.
    3. They were virgins. (X) - Nah. don't think so.

    Thus, We had to let them go home, crops or no crops....