Monday, 5 July 2010

Tape trading: An evolutionary perspective

There's been a small cassette reival going on here at Bassington Manor, and playing old cassettes really brings back fond memories of Lord Bassington-Bassington's younger days. So His Lorship was happy when Mr. "JR" Bruun, the man who introduced him to so many pleasurable tapes, tipped him off about this little article about tape trading.

For not only did His Lordship sniff around the outskirts of the tape trading scene, but as a Caninist he is naturally interested in evolutionary biology.

The highlight of the article is, without a doubt, this passage:

If you've ever seen one of those TV nature programs on PBS, you see that the male of a species will often use sound and color to attract attention to himself. He does this to attract fertile females, or to duke it out with other males-- usually for the chance to mate with the females. You will also see that there is an alpha male, and other males who challenge him to be the alpha male. Then you will see, off on the fringes of the group, a male who has ingested some rotting fruit, is staring off into space, and playing with himself.

But His Lordship recommends that you read the whole thing – and then go listen to some old (or new) cassettes.

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