Thursday, 15 September 2011

Moon, descending

As Danish neofolk outfit Of the Wand and the Moon is a bit of a house band here at Bassington Manor, Lord Bassington-Bassington never seems to grow tired of howling about them. Now there's a long awaited new album out, The Lone Descent. While any new music from OTWATM makes His Lordship's ears stand to attention, an extra bonus for Lord Bassington-Bassington is that this album also comes in a lavish double vinyl version. The music is of course the most important thing, but hey, a record collecting Hound can't help himself, can he?

Kim Larsen. Photo by Mark Liens, post production Diana Daia

So while His Lordship is waiting for the vinyl edition to arrive, in the meantime the living and listening room here at the Manor is filled with the digital sound of The Lone Descent - kindly sent over by Kim Larsen himself.

Suffice to say that so far it sounds not only like Of the Wand and the Moon's best album so far, but definitely the best neofolk album ever produced in Scandinavia. The music is built on the same foundation of softly melancholic neofolk, with occasional bursts of élan, that Kim Larsen does so well, but this time around Mr. Larsen's debt to Lee Hazlewood (which he has covered before) and Ennio Morricone shows more clearly.

If you have the slightest interest in neofolk, you owe yourself this album. Preferably on vinyl.


  1. The new songs are amazing, it takes a bit of a time to adjust to them, they don't seem the "normal" OTWATM stuff we were used to. But that makes it all the more exciting! Can't wait to have it!

  2. Mr. Larsen is just developing, I think. But I still think Sonnenheim is a great album too, the vinyl edition is so beautiful and it's on heavy rotation here at the Manor.

  3. I still have to buy that vinyl edition, been eyeing it for quite a while but my money is already spent on more important matters. Still, I could get my hands on "Shine Black Algiz" which has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen. And "Hold my Hand" has to be one of my faves!

  4. Yes, that vinyl was rather expensive, but I managed to secure a copy from Mr. Larsen himself and so I saved on the postage at least. And yes, "Shine Black Algiz" is a little pearl of a song.

  5. Omnomnom! I need this album... I do!