Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bloody loafing

Sometimes, a pair of shoes are what you need to keep going. After July 22., obsessions with strange ideas, European style and bouts of megalomania felt less fun. In a moment of despair, Lord Bassington-Bassington thought about ending these Chronicles for good.

But then, His Lordship chanced upon these oxblood loafers, and got his zest for life - and footwear - back. A more usable version of a pair of loafers that caught his attention earlier in the season, these little darlings are now safely residing in the shoe closet here at Bassington Manor.

Conservative yet casual, sensible yet silly, old-fashioned but also strangely up-to-the-minute. In other words: A bit like His Lordship himself. And like these Chronicles, of course.

With the more formal (brogue-patterned) front and ridiculous back, these shoes are perhaps a bit like the footwear equivalent of the mullet: Business in the front, party in the back.

Perhaps the shoes should be worn with a fez, for a real tassel statement?


  1. These shoes should ONLY be worn with a fez.

  2. Well said! And as I only have a black fez, this means that I finally have an excuse to buy a red one, so that it will match the shoes. For, as everyone knows, a true gentleman always matches his loafers with his fez.