Monday, 12 September 2011

Civilized disobedience

The Chap magazine has sought for ten years to satirize what they see as the coarsening of everyday life in Britain in the form of bad manners, rudeness in public and a valorisation of the average and the mediocre, or what they see as consumer conformism. Of course, this is presented ironically in the form of a fogey-ish elitism on their part in defence of a dying older culture, and the position adopted by the magazine’s creators is one of what they call ‘anarcho-dandyism’, resistance to conformism through the cultivation of style and taste.

- Peter Wilkin, The Strange Case of Tory Anarchism

In these dark times, Lord Bassington-Bassington feels the need for a light to show us all the way forward. A way which might, as it happens, also be the way backwards. Luckily, there is a magazine – and a loose movement – dedicated to the best that European civilization has to offer. If you don't subscribe to The Chap already, His Lordship suggests that you do so.

Gustav Temple, editor of The Chap. Photo by Fiona Campbell.


  1. Your Lordship... I note that you have used my photograph of Gustav Temple without permission... please contact me if you wish to make use of such an image. Fiona Campbell

  2. (Any reader should be informed that this issue has been settled via email, and that Lord Bassington-Bassington apologizes deeply for having used Ms. Campbell's picture without permission or proper credit. Such accidents are bound to happen, but when they do they should be apologized for and corrected).