Saturday, 10 January 2015

Art Nouveau Cthulhiana

This marvellous artwork was an early Yuletide present from Lady Mju, Lord Bassington-Bassington's better three-quarters, Lady Mju, and was commissioned, of course, from artist Kim Holm, known for his deep delvings into the Lovecraftian. Isn't it grand? With a proper frame, it will grace the walls here at Bassington Manor.

It won't exactly be out of place, either, because there's already enough Lovecraft-inspired artwork, literature and films here to make the place feel a bit like a Mythos theme park already.

But taking a cue from Lady Mju, the latest addition to the Lovecraftian collection needs a name. The winning suggestion will get a prize. For real. Totally. Suggestions in the comments field, please.