Friday, 27 January 2012

Cheeful (neo)folk

Lord Bassington-Bassington simply adores this blog. Because nobody can look cheerful like neofolkers.

(In the picture: Solblot).

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Confessions of a bibliophile

As a response to urgent overcrowding of the bookshelves here at Bassington Manor, as well as a desperate attempt to use his money more constructively, Lord Bassington-Bassington has resolved to not purchase any new books for a month.

His Lordship suspects that withdrawal symptons will set in soon, and plans to treat the problem by studying other people who obviously suffer from similar afflictions to that of his own. In this case, Mark Valentine, renowned biographer og Arthur Machen and short story writer with several publications on one of His Lordship's favourite small presses.

Thanks to the Somersetians for the link tip.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tea and tartans

Surely this must be an appropriate tea-time treat for a Tartan Tuesday? With heartfelt thanks to La Sombra Sofisticada for the tip about the Scottie dog shortbreads and for Lord Bassington-Bassington about Clifton, one of His Lordship's puppyhood idols. And thanks to Lady Mju for the pictures.

The shortbreads were delicious. It truly is a hound-eat-dog world!

Here at Bassington Manor, we tend to like our crimefighters and consulting detectives well dressed.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rose clouds of hardcore

Dwid Hellion is one of the most interesting characters in “darker” music. Mr. Hellion founded the band Integrity, which made waves in the straight edge hardcore scene in the late 1980s – the time Lord Bassington-Bassington was loosely affiliated with it. Then things got weird. Hellion traded in the "X" on the back of the hand for tabs of LSD, and developed an obsession with the Process Church of the Final Judgment - a perfectly normal obsession to have. Integrity became one of the most intriguing bands around in the early 90s.

In the two decades since this track saw the light of day Integrity have only gotten heavier, darker and better. As a result of this, the band has a healthy cult following.

(Mr. Hellion. To the right: Mr. Rice. Photo: Mr. Rodahl Dedekam).

In the meantime, Mr. Hellion's own interests have developed and broadened. A result of this is the band (or perhaps it’s more apt to call it a project) Roses Never Fade, which delivers a strongly personal take on the neofolk genre. Their self-titled album has been a favourite at Bassington Manor over the last year, and Lord Bassington-Bassington is lucky enough to own a copy on wonderful yellow vinyl (picture stolen from this blog).

And now they have a new seven-inch EP out on Neuropa Records, well-known haunt of industrial and neofolk connoisseurs. Mr. Hellion is no longer contributing musically to the band but, multi-talented chap that he is, is also an interesting artist and graphic designer and this makes the release look excellent. This bodes well for the coming album, but if one takes the band’s apocalyptic sensibilities seriously it bodes less well for the world.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sweet soul music

Since Bassington Manor is filled with Alpine sounds these days...

With apologies to this website and, of course, to Arthur Conley.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Mellow Mullah

(Illustration by Kim Holm).

A few Saturdays ago the evening here at Bassington Manor included a small Tiki party, and as Lord Bassington-Bassington is quite fond of mixing these drinks His Lordship saw fit to create a special one for the occasion. And as Bassington Manor was visited by His Lordship's beloved Mullah the theme of the drink was a given. The Mellow Mullah was born.

This drink is based on the Happy Buddha, but rejiggered to fit better with the teachings of the Seal of the Prophets. Or at least the teachings of the Seal of the Prophets as preached by the Mad Mullah Hastur, the Islamic scholar who, in a daring act of itjihad, declared bacon to be a fruit – and hence quite halal. The good Mullah's fatwas tend to be like that, and that is why His Lordship tries to follow them, well, religiously.

Mellow mullah
12 cl guava nectar
1,5 cl Rose’s Lime Cordial Mixer
Lime juice*
0,75 cl Cointreau
4,5 cl Mount Gay Rum

* Making one's own guava juice might be a bit ambitious (though Lord Bassington-Bassington is planning on trying) and the guava nectars available in colder climates tend to be on the sweet side. To balance this, add a small amount of freshly squeezed lime juice. The drink should be sweet but also tangy and fresh.

Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake well and strain into a suitably grotesque Tiki mug packed with ice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh lime and wheel of fresh guava. Enjoy, and reflect on how much better the world would be if more people followed the good Mullah's fatwas.