Friday, 20 May 2011

The Fenris Wolf and the art of magick

Lord Bassington-Bassington's old friend Mr. Carl Abrahamsson has a new issue of his near-legendary publication The Fenris Wolf out. This time it is a publication so huge (310 pages) and ambitious that it's hard to do it justice in a short blog post, except to say that it is compulsory reading material for anyone with the slightest interest in modern esotericism.

It is also worth purchasing just for the 23 pages of artwork specially created for the publication by Swedish esoteric artist Fredrik Söderberg, whose art also graces the cover. So we here at the Chronicles just had to steal some of his works from his website.

C.G . Jung's House with Mandala, 2010

Adul-Rune II, 2011

Stone Circle I, 2009

Mr. Söderberg's watercolours are truly a marvel to behold. Perhaps there is something to this magick business after all?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Neofolk bling?

It is certainly no secret that Lord Bassington-Bassington is a great admirer of Sol Invictus. And as those who know the band will be well aware of, its symbol - a sign connected with the ancient Roman sun cult – is quite fetching.

So it's quite fitting that Sol Invictus is possibly the leading purveyors of what could possibly be termed "neofolk bling".

Monday, 2 May 2011

God Damn the Sun

Because it's spring. Because The Swans are touring again. Because Mr. Gira is wearing some splendid suspenders in this video. And because this is one of Lord Bassington-Bassington's favourite songs. Ever.

God damn the sun
God damn the sun
God damn the light it shines
And this world it shows

God damn the sun

Lord Bassington-Bassington also recommends the original studio version.