Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The music of a past that never was

As someone who has always felt slightly out of place in the modern world, Lord Bassington-Bassington easily sympathizes with people who long for the past and express this in various creative ways.

As such, he is greatly heartened by musical phenomena such as Sepiachord.

While it is too early in His Lordships’s research into this phenomenon to pass any definitive judgment on it, he finds it appropriate to share with his reader something that is lifted from the Sepiachord website, and which looks vaguely like a manifesto (but without the senseless and vulgar political ideas that often infest manifestoes).

What is Sepiachord?

Sepiachord is the "genre that doesn't exist".

It is to music what "steampunk" is to literature and cinema: something that looks back to the past to comment on the present while looking sideways at the future. A cubist aural experience.

As goth & glam are the bastards of David Bowie, Sepiachord is the made from the genetic material sown by Tom Waits.

Sepiachord is assembled like a clockwork orchestra, from such elements of music
Sinister Circus, Cabaret Macabre, Chamber Pop, Organic Goth, Celtic/Gypsy Punk,
Mutant Americana, Ghost Town Country.

It is the music our grandparents or great-grandparents would have listened to, if they were as off-set as we are.

As someone who has always tried to be like his grandfather, ever since he realized as a teenager that his grandfather was a way better dresser than his teenaged peers, His Lordship is hoping to offer his support to these fine people in the near future.

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