Saturday, 26 June 2010

Worship album of the year!

Worship music is something we quite enjoy here at Bassington Manor. Whether it’s the stadium worship stylings of Hillsong (memorably described by a friend of ours as “Coldplay on steroids”) or the more down-to-earth sounds of Aperture, which springs out of the Oslo Subchurch scene, worship music is great for lifting the spirit.

But the worship album of the year is undoubtedly the American label The Ajna Offensive’s release of Restored to One by The Sabbath Assembly Band, a group put together to partake in Process Church of the Final Judgment revival currently underway.

Restored to One consists of rather faithful adaptations of the songs used by the original Process Church back in the 1960s and 70s. Combining gospel, rock and psychedelia with a dark and strange undercurrent, the music perfectly captures the religious experimentation that the Processeans were pioneering. And Lord Bassington-Bassington believes that this record is the perfect soundtrack to your own spiritual searching.

Restored to One is available either as a run-of-the-mill compact disc, or a delectable slice of golden vinyl. And yes, the production value is what you expect it to be from an Ajna release. What more recommendation do you need?

Oh, and we couldn't resist bringing you this little comic (click for bigger image!)

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