Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tartan Tuesdays

Inspired by the Laguna Beach Fogey and by many an exciting trip to Scotland, we will start celebrating Tartan Tuesdays here at Bassington Manor. There might be something we haven’t caught on to, but the rules seem simple: just wear something tartan on Tuesdays.

Being beginners at this game, the only tartan thing we can muster is a bow tie and a shirt, but we are planning to keep this up and some day become seasoned tartan veterans. Things to pick up in the future include socks, scarved and pocket squares. Perhaps the full ki(l)t!

Now, the rules about wearing tartan are many, but ultimately they can probably be ignored. It's just clothes, for Dog's sake.

And anyway, Lord Bassington-Bassington is still looking for a tartan in black, brown and white – a true tricolor Basset tartan! Perhaps something like this?


  1. Excuse me Lord Bassington-Bassington, this comment has nothing to do with the lovely stuff you posted, but I'd like to ask to get a glimpse of your lordness private musical collection. See, as I myself try to collect music, I'd like to see the great vault of music you sir must certainly have! :)

    Best regards!

  2. Floresta: What an interesting request! We here at Bassington Manor have a small collection of compact discs and vinyl now, and I'll see what I can do about it. But frankly I'm about to close down the Chronicles for the summer and I'm not sure if there's time for it before then.

    La Sombra Sofisticada: Yes, isn't it? It looks so comfortable that I get drowsy just from looking at it. But then, honestly, almost everything makes me drowsy...

  3. My dear sir, I wouldn't meddle with your vacations! Please do go on and enjoy them, and maybe on your return you can make it? :)


  4. My dear Floresta: Thank you for your patience. There's so much to do these days, so I think I'd best enjoy the short Scandinavian summer and set my secretary to work again come the fall.

    A hearty woof! to you too!