Monday, 21 May 2012

A doctor who makes house calls

Lord Bassington-Bassington has had some health complaints this winter, and has spent more time slouching on the couch than is usual even for one as monumentally lazy as His Lordship. Luckily, even in these days of social decline, there is still a doctor who makes house calls.

"Doctor who?" you might ask. And Lord Bassington-Bassington's reply would be "exactly!" Except, of course, that it would sound more like "ahroooooh!"

Not only does the good Doctor make one's health and humour improve considerably, he also provides indispensable advice on both how to keep one's neck stylish...

...and how to keep one's head warm.

Now, if the good Doctor could just get a canine companion (albeit robotic) with longer ears, he would be well on the way to perfection.

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