Monday, 1 October 2012

Yodeli and tally-ho!

The Oktoberfest tends to drag on a bit here up North, possibly so it won't crash with Fårikål season. But who cares anyway. Just as when you're a Goth, every day is Halloween, for Alpin-folk fans everyday is Oktoberfest. So it is time for another update on the subject. Oktoberfest revisited, if you will.

Despite being a Norwegian, Lord Bassington-Bassington loves the Oktoberfest. For while these festivities are no doubt a more Southern phenomenon (most things are Southern when you're from Scandinavia), His Lordship likes to mix cultures.

For not only can a striving for cultural purity be unhealthy; cultural crossovers can become utterly sublime. Still, we here at the Chronicles are a bit unsure what to make of this outfit proposed by Lord Bassington-Bassington in what His Lordship refers to as the "Anglo-Alpine style".

Tweed hacking jacket, made to measure, by David Saxby.
Shirt, quite well-worn at this point (Hackett shirt) by Morris.
Cravat by New & Lingwood.
Tracht-vest purchased second hand in Salzburg.
Edelweiss pin (what Lord Bassington-Bassington likes to think of as a "Bavarian buttoniere") purchased in Munich.

Hopefully this is a cultural cross-pollination that works. Because sometimes, cultural crossovers can be taken a bit too far.

But anyway, here is a small selection of Oktoberfest necessities from Sturmpercht, Jännerwein, Waldteufel and other appropriately Alpine artists. The delightful drinking vessel is, appropriately enough given the theme of this update, purchased in a second-hand shop in Poland.


  1. I'm doing my own take on the Anglo-Alpine style tonight: East German jackboots, Finnish breeches, Bavarian Trachten jacket, English red waistcoat, tartan tie and Turkish cufflinks. That's what I call cultural crossover!

  2. This sounds like my kind of multiculturalism, my dear Sir! Any chance of us seeing some pictures from this cultural event?