Thursday, 22 November 2012


Judging from Lord Bassington-Bassington’s interest in his whiskers and his taste for combining charity with style, one could reasonably suspect that Movember – where men all over the world grow moustaches for charity during November – would be right up His Lordship’s alley. And sure, Movember has a lot to recommend it. It makes men try moustaches, and charity is a good thing.

So why does Lord Bassington-Bassington have such mixed feelings about Movember?

Frank Sinatra once remarked that he never drank on New Year's, because that was amateur night. This contrarianism might have something to do with His Lordship’s views on Movember. After all, Sinatra probably wouldn't grow a moustache in November either, and when it comes to style it's usually a good idea to take tips from Ol' Blue Eyes.

There is also a deeper reason. While Basset hounds of both sexes have magnificent whiskers, in the human, moustaches are about being a man and proud of it. So it is hardly surprising that moustaches tend to thrive in cultures where traditional masculine values are held in regard. But what does Movember do to this powerful symbol of masculinity? The picture below, shared by Movember Norway on Facebook, shows precisely what.

Yes, this chap is sporting a snappy moustache, but what on Earth is he wearing? The outfit looks like it was purchased in a joke shop, fancy dress outfitter or – even worse – hipster boutique.

Instead of a proud man, with the soup strainer the final touch to a self-assured masculinity, he looks like someone posing for a giggle. So what we see is that Movember makes moustaches – and thereby manhood – into a joke.

Lord Bassington-Bassington won’t be going quite as far as the people over at No-vember, who recommends that one dispense with the lip weasel altogether. No, His Lordship recommends that if you have mustaches and whiskers, celebrate them all year round. If you're normally smooth-cheeked, don't stop it because it's suddenly not October anymore.

And just like your personal style preference, charity is an all-year thing. Here at Bassington Manor, we have our favourite charitable causes. More about those later.

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