Monday, 11 February 2013

The Watchman

As Lord Bassington-Bassington finds himself wearing three-piece suits (or odd vests) more often, it was inevitable that His Lordship would develop a taste for pocket watches. For a vest without a pocket watch simply looks a bit off, like a jacket without a pocket hankie or a shirt without neckwear.

The tipping point seems to have come from watching Mr. B Gentleman Rhymer's latest videogramme, where the good chap-hopper displays some impressively menacing chain acrobatics.

Lord Bassington-Bassington currently owns two pocket watches. One, being from 1925 is a bit of an antique, while the other is of more recent manufacture (but still mechanical and thereby reassuringly non-modern). While His Lordship, being a long-standing fan of mechanical wristwatches is quite used to nice rituals such as winding one’s watch in the morning, the watch chains provides a variety of stylistic (and practical) pitfalls.

Luckily, His Lordship has had the assistance of his friend and Conservative fashion icon Mr. Rosenberg, a seasoned pocket watch wearer, who kindly sent some snapshots to demonstrate the proper deployment of watch chains. So Lord Bassington-Bassington thought it only appropriate to share the pictures with the readers of the Chronicles.

Lord Bassington-Bassington would like to apologise for the title of this post, but His Lordship is a bit excited about Fields of the Nephilim's upcoming tour.


  1. "Dapper" is a word that describes Mr. Rosenberg very well, yes.

  2. Apologise? That is quite disturbing!

    Let us see if we ever get blessed again with one more nightmare during our lives..

  3. Yes, the Fields' music is quite a blessing. I hope they keep up forever.

  4. Maybe the question is whether we keep up forever. Seems like that McCoy has found the elixir for the beyond!

    'I've experienced things that are beyond reality' he says, while the rest of us wander of what that might be and where can we possibly rent some, provided that we can afford it.

    I apologise for the possible disturbance caused in an post written for pocket-watch-wearing-enlightenment purposes but I just could not help it. I trust that your majesty will forgive me. It was not so long ago when I travelled from the Mediterranean to the exotic Hamburg to see them.

  5. No need to apologise, there is always room for a discussion of Goth in my comment fields. The Guardian article is brilliant, and while I've never been a proper Goth I really find myself in the remarks about the refusal to give up on subcultures that one loves.

  6. Indeed. What is a proper Goth after all?

    Oh, and Goth bless Mr Petridis for that anyway.

  7. As I don't give an airborne copulation about belonging to any subculture, I have no pretentions to be a proper anything. I just like Goth. And I tend to like Goths. After all, I have velvety ears.