Friday, 17 May 2013

Tweedy rider

After being interested in the combination of tweeds and bicycles for a while now, Lord Bassington-Bassington has finally become a pedal-powered gentlehound. His Lordship has acquired of an absolutely beautiful bicycle from Swedish manufacturer Pilen, who combine impeccable quality with small-scale manufacture and lovely, un-modern design.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Cycelina!

With such a lovely means of conveyance comes a strict demand for matching clothing. And even if Lord Bassington-Bassington is know for being rather thick-headed, he still needs to protect his skull against falls. But as we all know, most bicycle helmets make you look like you've stuck a plastic bucket on your noggin. Luckily, there are exceptions, such as this model, which is definitely a bit more stylish. Even if the manufacturer's suggestion (as in the picture below) that one sport it without appropriate neckwear is, of course, abhorrent.

Yes, the helmet does make Lord Bassington-Bassington look a bit hydrocephalic. But for someone who has had Tod Browning's Freaks as a formative experience, this is not a drawback.

The question, though, is what sort of tweedy cyclist style to adopt. Should one go for a more subdued look?

Or should one go full tweedtard?


  1. Tweedtard... Haha

  2. A helmet on a bicycle? Most unmanly.

  3. Luckily, I'm not very concerned about being macho.

  4. I jest about the manliness, of course, but the fairly recent adoption of helmets by cyclists does baffle me a tad.

  5. Well, I see what you mean. But it's quite hilly where I live, the roads sometimes have nasty potholes and so on. And for all its faults and flaws I quite like my brain.