Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer essentials

Summer has well and truly arrived, even here in the cold North. So as a small salute to the season we present a small selection of Lord Bassington-Bassington's summer essentials.

Sunglasses by Persol because one needs protect His Lordship's eyes. T-Shirt because this is after all the season for going casual and enjoying the sun. Seven inch record because one has a thing for Of the Wand and the Moon. Tiki mug because, well, it wouldn't be summer without a Tiki drink or ten. Book to motivate one to exercise, because decadence needs to be balanced by discipline. Runic bandana because one needs bandanas when doing the above-mentioned exercise. And Basset because, well, Bassets are always essential – and right for every season.

Have a good summer. The Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicles will return in the fall.

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