Friday, 4 October 2013

Live in Oslo

Because neofolk concerts can be a great choice for a civilized night out, and because concerts by In Gowan Ring has become something of a yearly tradition in these parts, here are some pictures from Sangre de Muerdago
and In Gowan Ring's performance in Oslo yesterday. Thanks to The Light Thief for snapping.

And here's a picture of Sangre de Muerdago from last Saturday, playing at the punk squat Blitz in Oslo.


  1. You are very lucky to have some sort of neofolk scene in Oslo. Here in Montreal the only "real" neofolk band I had the chance to see was Cult of Youth. Europe is a little more fertile for this kind of music.

  2. Yes, but there isn't much of a "scene" here either. The thing with In Gowan Ring is that they have a crossover effect which brings in people that wouldn't normally go to neofolk shows. And since Sangre de Muerdago played at a punk squat the week before, there was a lefty vibe to the audience which was a refreshing change. There was even a guy there in a Profane Existence shirt, something I've never seen before.

    Both bands did amazing sets, but the best thing about the concert is that people kept their mouth shut so that one could actually hear the music. Amazing.