Sunday, 22 February 2009

Of the Wand and the Moon at the Heretical Cellar

Danish band Of the Wand and the Moon has long been a sort of house orchestra here at Bassington Manor.

OTWATM is a neofolk band that wears its influences (Death in June in particular) on its sleeve, but front man Kim Larsen has far surpassed his inspirations in both musical ability and songwriting. Lord Bassington-Bassington particularily enjoys the way Mr. Larsen’s melancholy melodies are tinged with psychedelia, as well as the inspiration from Nordic culture and nature.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that The Chronicles can announce a live performance by Kim Larsen at The Heretical Cellar in Oslo this coming Thursday. Mr. Larsen will play a solo acoustic performance, and the Heretical Cellar crew (which includes His Lordship) are eagerly awaiting this.

(Mr. Larsen at Bornholm. Picture shamelessly stolen from Mr. Hildesvin, whom His Lordship owes a glass of port).

But first, the Cellar’s guests and crew will be entertained by illustrious academics Nanna Løkka and John McNichol, who will be giving talks on subjects ranging from Runic magic to Turkish Viking films. A rare combination of enlightenment and enjoyment is to be expected.

Lady Mju, His Lordship’s better three-quarters, will soon cover the Norwegian parts of the news at her blog. This night will also see her proper debut as a Disc Jane, something Lord Bassington-Bassington is looking forward to, as Her Ladyship's whiskers are very sensitive to fine music.

Mr. Larsen will also be bringing a selection of his phonographic releases, which might be yours for a reasonable sum. The Chronicles suggest you invest in some of these.

Be there, or be, if not quite square, at least slightly rectangular.

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