Thursday, 5 February 2009

Shoes to die (and possibly even kill) for

It might very well be true that happiness cannot be bought. But something quite close to true happiness can be bought in small specialist shoe shops in major cities in England. Namely, shoes and accessories from superb shoemakers Mark Jeffery and Guy West.

While traditional English style is rightfully famous throughout the world, like all traditions this style needs to be reinterpreted to become meaningful for new generations. In the world of clothes, this is what designers like Sir Paul Smith do so wonderfully.

In the world of footwear, the brand established by Mister Jeffery and Mister West does the same thing. Traditional English shoes and boots are given a sharper, more glamorous edge, while still being recognizably English.

As a nice touch, the various shoe lasts are named after illustrious Englishmen such as musician David Sylvian, Victorian anti-hero Harry Flashman, drummer Keith Moon and Sir Francis Dashwod (of The Hellfire Club fame). Gentlemen which these Chronicles will return to at a later date.

Apart from the fact that Jeffery-West’s products carries a price tag a bit above what should be favored by a penniless gentleman such as Lord Bassington-Bassington, His Lordship has really only found one serious problem with their footwear: That he finds it hard to buy shoes from any other manufacturer.

Surely, this must be the ultimate compliment from any customer.


  1. They have some very nice shoes, and I'm happy to have them to my attention. The only problem, for me, is that shoes that long, tend to make men of my stature and girth look like clowns ;-P

  2. I wish they made shoes for me. I want brogues. Now!