Saturday, 13 June 2009

Inade: Solar Architects Incarnating

For about a decade now, Leipzig-based band Inade have been among Lord Bassington-Bassington’s favorite purveyors of dark sounds. Inade’s richly textured tapestries of sound create an atmosphere perfect for reading, reflecting – or just relaxing.

While Inade clearly bear the mark of dark-ambient forerunners such as Lustmord, and many of the cornerstones of their sound are standard tricks of the trade (deep, rumbling basses, heavy echo effects etc.) Inade have long carved out their own niche in the genre.

This is clear in their choice of themes dealt with on Inade’s releases, such as an interest in the history of German occultism, which prompted Inade to participate on a release dedicated to mystic Peryt Shou. The result was a combination of vinyl record and booklet housed in a stunning box.

inade new album trailer

Inade’s new release, Incarnation of the Solar Architects, while (sadly) not available on vinyl, is released in a nifty-looking digipak (better than a jewelcase, at least). But the real prize is the limited-to-259 box version. This sold-out edition consists of a beautifully varnished wooden box containing three digipaks: The album itself, an extra CD with extra material and a DVD containing two concerts from Leipzig and Zürich.

(Picture courtesy of Lady Mju Photography)

Incarnation of the Solar Architects is easily Inade's most accomplished release yet, and at times actually approaches the melodic. Perhaps it's the remnants of the synthpop sounds that a whole generation of Industrial enthusiasts grew up on?

But the most captivating part of this exclusive release is the live DVD. Dark ambient acts rarely work well live, unless watching a couple of guys fooling around with laptops and mixers is your thing (also, dark ambient artists are rarely much to look at in themselves, with some exceptions).

But with the aid of projected visuals Inade manages to create a vortex of sound, light and color that not only creates a trance-like effect, but also fond memories in those of us that remembers Carl Sagan’s TV series Cosmos.

For anyone interested in the darker realms of music, Leipzig’s solar architects come highly recommended. Now, Lord Bassington-Bassington is trying to resist buying the 4LP box Colliding Dimensions – a purchase that he has privately renamed Collapsing Economies.

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