Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sports sponsorship - Hackett style

Jeremy Hackett is not only a brilliant designer and guru of understated, traditional English style. Mr. Hackett is also a gifted entrepreneur who built his business from selling second-hand clothes into a concern on a level where it becomes appropriate to sponsor national sports teams.

But instead of wasting his cash and talent on sports such as football, which is to style what black holes are to astronomy, Hackett has focussed on sports such as rugby, rowing and the Le Mans motor race. These sports are all blessed with well-designed supporter’s shirts from Mr. Hackett’s hand.

But the crown of Hackett’s sporting designs has to be his creations for the British Army polo team.

With the shirts commemorating the Army Polo team’s visit to India, where they participated in elephant polo, as the shining gem.

Lord Bassington-Bassington feels that any sport that involves people wearing turbans is automatically taken to a certain level of style. And of course, the elegant, almost Basset-like waddling of the elephants make elephant polo perhaps the most elegant sport in existence.

(The Chronicles stole these images from Mr. Hackett’s website, but it was done with the noblest of intentions, so we hope to be forgiven.)

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