Saturday, 12 September 2009

Johannes Høie's black hearts

Norwegian artist Johannes Høie has, despite being quite young, an impressive production. His masterful drawing technique deals with themes that resonate deeply with Lord Bassington-Bassington. As they will with anyone with the slightest interest in subcultures such as Goth, Industrial or Neofolk. Not to mention people with the slightest interest in the Lovecraftian.

Yesterday, His Lordship was lucky enough to attend the opening of Mr. Høie’s new exhibition at Galleri Maria Veie in the centre of Oslo. The evening not only provided intense artistic experiences, and a crowd of lively humans, but also a performance by Gyron V, a band Lord Bassington-Bassington is very fond of (and will write more about later.)

The opening also celebrated the release of the artist’s new book Black Hearts Dawning, a pocket-size art book that provides the perfect introduction to Høie’s strange world.

His Lordship recommends that you go see the exhibition, if you are in the vicinity of Oslo. And that you buy the book, wherever you are. This artist should be supported.

(All pictures are stolen from Mr. Høie’s website, with kind permission of the artist.)

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