Saturday, 12 September 2009

On the Street... Or rather, at the Cellar

Lord Bassington-Bassington’s project of ripping off The Sartorialist continues. Last time, His Lordship reflected on the ear trends of the Norwegian capital. This time, The Bassington-Bassington Chronicles casts its gaze upon what some fine humans were wearing when the club The Heretical Cellar celebrated its 6th year, 6th month, 6th day anniversary. While all these humans’ ears fail to keep up with current ear trends , of course, by their unconventional choice of clothing they helped brighten – or perhaps darken – the evening.

Thank you for coming. You're the reason this club exists.


  1. Sexy beasts! Miss all the wunderbar heretics of Oslo.

  2. An extraordinary evening! I love the cellar! The 666 anniversary was an event not to be missed! Mr Bogdan's session did confirm my suspicion that Free Masonry is - well not exactly boring, but not this juicy conspiring shady movement which we would like to believe. Well, one of the Heretics did not quite share my view on this... :-)

    And it's always fun to discuss weissbier glasscleaning and watering with Stefan at M3...

    Looking forward to next event!