Sunday, 11 July 2010

Norway - now a civilized country

Now that Norway feels the threat of Islamic terrorism, Lord Bassington-Bassington, who counts a notable convert to Islam amongst his forebears, feels it is proper to keep one's focus on the important things that immigration from Muslim countries have brought to Norway. For most of the challenges that come with such immigration are easily cancelled out by the fact that Norway now has a decent cricket team. Something that Lord Bassington-Bassington dares say would not have happened if it were not for the fact that some Pakistani (and other Asian) chaps decided to bring some sporting civilization to Norway.

So in the spirit of Mr. B's world cup song, The Chronicles bring you a picture of Mr. Mehtab Afsar, captain of the Norwegian cricket team. This picture will surely help steel our readers through the vuvuzela music festival currently happening in South Africa and on TV screens everywhere (Lord Bassington-Bassington has rarely been happier that Bassington Manor does not have a television set).

And what better way to celebrate the heartwarming phenomenon that is Norwegian cricket than listening to The Duckworth Lewis Method's ode to the Pakistani cricket legend Mohammad Javed Miandad Khan?

(Picture stolen from the Facebook page of the Norwegian Cricket Union. Support this splendid initiative!)

Now, all Norway needs is an elephant polo team, and we can start calling ourselves a proper country.

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