Thursday, 15 July 2010

Total interpretation

"Total War" by NON is one of the milestones of martial industrial music. With its militaristic drumming and calls for the return of Thor it is still quite powerful, even if it's been more than two decades since it was made (and whatever your feelings about militarism or divinities wielding hammers).

The reason Lord Bassington-Bassington would like to bring this track to your attention is that a lot of interesting interpretations of it are starting to surface on the amazing world-spanning webatron. And they are worth enjoying.

This old performance, from a documentary about Satanism, gives an idea of the impact that NON's headman Mr. Boyd Rice would like it to have. Even if his attempts to channel Mussolini tend to end up with him channeling someone far more soft-spoken.

This interpretation mixes NON's music with some images most definitely not by NON.

While this interpretation takes certain... liberties... with the lyrics.