Friday, 7 May 2010

Old men are cooler than you, part two

We've already established that old sikhs are cooler than you, so this time we though we'd do something a bit more Occidental.

Clothing company Peter Christian have, by a stroke of luck - or of genius - hired a spokesperson who is a bit more interesting than the usual footballers, rock musicians or actors who get such jobs. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Major Hoad!

In a series of delightful YouTube videos he lays down the law about proper dress.

We here at the Chronicles especially liked the Major's tribute to Lord Bassington-Bassington's favourite type of coat...

...and his thoughts on the monocle.

But the high point of the videos is undoubtedly Major Hoad's dissection of modern habits when it comes to combining checks and stripes. We here at Bassington Manor have a certain weakness for certain aspects of how they dress over in the colonies, but we couldn't resist Major Hoad's astute observations in the matters of American taste.

Major Hoad raises many questions. Namely: Is he for real? Is he an actor? Is he computer-generated? Is he drunk - note the whisky glass next to him?

The most important question, though, is: How can one hope to become as cool as the Major? We suspect the only way any mere mortal can hope to reach to Major Hoad's immaculately creased trouser knees is to spend five decades in a time capsule, totally cut off from contact with the world outside except by regular deliveries of whisky.

We fear that this might be impossible. So once again, we have solid proof: Old men like Major Hoad are cooler than you.


  1. Kjellermennesket7 May 2010 at 21:31

    You'll never make me particularly interested in your taste in clothes, but this guy was priceless!

  2. Major Hoad is what we all have to aspire to in our older days. Oh, and I forgot this one:

  3. Major Hoad a spokesPERSON? What an insult.

  4. You mean he should be considered an honorary Basset hound?