Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tartan Tuesday: Now with turbans!

Lord Bassington-Bassington always finds it interesting to observe cultures colliding. Sometimes the result is a worst-of-both-worlds scenario, something that can be made worse by multiculturalist ideology. At the best of times, what emerges is something that is both excitingly new and reassuringly traditional; a sublime combination of two cultures.

And as Lord Bassington-Bassington both celebrates Tartan Tuesdays and has a soft spot (behind His right ear, if you want to be precise) for Sikhs, what can possibly be better than a combination of the two?

Meet Baron Sirdar Iqbal Singh, a Scottish Laird that is also a Sikh. Baron Singh has not only used some of earnings from his business career to purchase an island and name it after Scottish national poet Robert Burns, he has also participated in the strengthening of Scottish culture by registering his own tartan with the Scottish Tartans Authority.

And quite a fetching tartan it is, too! Imagine a pocket hankie in this tartan. Or a full kilt, if one is so inclined!


  1. Yes, isn't it? I've since discovered that at least one webshop sells woolen ties in the Singh tartan. I'm strongly considering buying it, as I think it will look fetching with at least two of the tweed jackets I have.